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Map showing mining area of the lower valley of river Kinzig

The Museum's association edits a serial of 4 volumes on the mining area of the lower valley of the river Kinzig, including the area of the following towns: Biberach, Zell am Harmersbach, Nordrach, Unter- and Oberharmersbach. The authors are Franz Hahn and Walter Schneider. The serial is called: Mining notes on the lower valley of the river Kinzig. The accent in the volumes lies on the history of mining throughout the centuries. The following photos show the front cover of volume 1 and some documents from the up to now edited volumes with a short description of their content. You can buy the volumes at the museum or you can contact us to get the volumes. The prize of the volumes will be added in soon at this place. Shipping cost is ( within Germany ) Euro 2,- for one volume ( in the case you want to get more than one volume it depends on weight ).

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