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MiMa - Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik Oberwolfach
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Mining share of the Kinzigthal Mining Association from the year 1853

Volume 2 - Nordrach-Schottenhoefen and Zell-Unterharmersbach; contents: part 1 - Nordrach-Schottenhoefen - notes from the 16th century, the 17th century, iron-ore mine and hammer-smith, the diputes between Moriz and Krieg, the mine 'Otto' in the 20th century; part 2 - Zell-Unterharmersbach - detection of a vein of quartz while sinking a well, mining in the area of the "Eckhof", mining in the area of the "Buehlhof", the mine "Unterharmersbach" under the survey of Emile Notton, Baryte mining in the early 1930ies.

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