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MiMa - Museum für Mineralien und Mathematik Oberwolfach
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Shaft of mine "Barbara" at the "Entersbach", volume 3 page 69

Volume 3 - Nordrach and Zell-Oberentersbach; contents: part 1 - Nordrach - The Mine "Amalie", the silver-mine at the "Heidenbuehl", the vein of iron at the "Rautsch" in 1754, the request for mining, at the church, the mining industrial complex Notton; part 2 - Zell-Oberentersbach - The origins of mine "Barbara", the request for exploration from 1762, the "Enterspach-Project" from 1765, the request for exploration of 1768, a report on the mine St Nicolay from 1772, on men and costs, a description of the mines Nicolay and Barbara from 1817, explorations between 1850 and 1872, the minerals of Barbara and Nicolay, review of the known mining periods, the bridge over the river Kinzig at Steinach, the "Feschenberg"

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