Burg Altena, Germany
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developed by citizens
exhibition hall 1900

1887 The zoologist Hugo Schauinsland was appointed to the founding director of the "Staedtische Sammlungen". 1890 "North-West German Trade- and Industrial Exhibition" in Bremen's citizen park: - portrayal of Bremen as a trading city with the most important merchandise - passing the resolution of building a museum, uniting all of the existing collections within Bremen 1896 Opening of the "Staedtische Museum fuer Natur-, Voelker- und Handelskunde" (the municipal museum for natural history, ethnology and trade) under the motto the "world under one roof", located at the central station. Schauinsland's conception of a museum, displaying ethnological groups and natural historic symbiosis (dioramas), the variety of nature and culture, combined to one "united whole" 1911 Opening of the extension with the second atrium (todays structure of the ?berseemuseum).

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