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▄berseemuseum Bremen
     M U S E U M   D E V E L O P M E N T , -   H I S T O R Y     
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a "3rd world centre"
museum hall about 1979

1979 Opening of the areas : South Pacific, Australia and parts of Bremen/Lower Weser under new conception: integration of individual special disciplines, restructuring into continents and large scale areas, history and present time of individual countries and cultures, accentuating on ecological questions. The "?bersee-Museum" as information centre and a forum for current topics, opinions and tedencies. Reconstruction of the remaining sections according to the new conception: Asia, Africa, America, Evolution and Bremen - Trading city at the river. 1985 Founding of the "Freundeskreis des Uebersee-Museums e.V." with the aim of supporting the attractiveness of the numerous programmes of the museum. 1994 The earth science collection of the Ueberseemuseum is transfered to the University of Bremen. 1996 Anniversary year: -100 years ?berseemuseum - opening of following permanent exhibitions: - Bremen -Trading City at the River - Goldchamber and cultures of the Andes - African Art - Erecting a Japanese Tea House in the japanese garden

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