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First Asian Biodiversity Museum Opened in Tehran
H.E. Dr. Masoumeh EBTEKAR addresses the meeting

Iran's first biodiversity museum was inaugurated in Tehran with president Khatami in attendance, capping four years of research efforts by the Department of Environment (DOE). Located on the grounds of the Pardisan park, it could be considered among the few biodiversity museums in the world. Similar ones operate only in the US and Canada. A doe official said the museum was two years in the making after some four years of planning. A billion tomans was put into the project. Asghar Mohammadi Fazel said the museum covered an area of 17,000 sq meters while some 5,000 sq meters were dedicated to amphitheater and services section. He noted the museum was the first of its kind in Asia, displaying a taxidermy collection of rare species of plants and animals from Iran and worldwide.

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