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Johannes Schreiter: Fazit 78/1984/F

Johannes Schreiter, one of the most outstanding contemporary glass-painters creates many of his works according to the premise to do without "the drug colour" and "the deforming powers" of intensively coloured light. In Schreiter's opinion coloured light can considerably influence the atmosphere of a room so that one cannot escape its effects. The problem-laden subject "Art and Church" can easily be discussed in front of Schreiter's "Music Window" designed for the Heidelberg "Church of the Holy Spirit". In medieval times this church accommodated the "Bibliotheca Palatina" which documented then all the knowledge of the entire world. Schreiter refers to this fact and dedicates his windows to the thinking and knowledge of the present. He confronts Christian faith with excerpts from worldly reality. (Lead-came technique, opalescent glass, flashed glass, screen printing, tracing paint). Made by and on loan from: Glasmalerei Peters, Paderborn

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