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Cray Research EL-98
Cray Research EL-98

This 1995 Cray Research model EL-98 came to us through the generosity of Aerosoft, Inc. of Blacksburg, Va. The EL-98 (Entry Level) was a smaller version of the Y-MP introduced in 1988 and utilised more compact technology, materially reducing its size. It runs version 8.0.1 of Cray's UNICOS operating system. The system contains the following boards: Processor Backplane: Slot Option Description Module # 1 MEM32 32MW RAM, S/N 298 90003440-A0 2 MEM32 32MW RAM, S/N 869 90003440-A0 3 CPU CPU, S/N 224 90191013-A1 4 CPU CPU, S/N 371 90191013-A1 5 CPU CPU, S/N 203 90191013-A1 6 CPU CPU, S/N 15 90191013-A1 7 MEM32 32MW RAM, S/N 873 90003440-A0 8 MEM32 32MW RAM, S/N 874 90003440-A0 VME Chassis: Slot Option Description 1 IOP I/O Processor (68K) 2 IOBP-25 I/O Buffer Board 3 SI-3 SCSI Controller, HV Differential 4 SI-3 SCSI Controller, HV Differential 5 EI-1 Ethernet 6 7 8 9 The system contains two PE-5S disk boxes. Each with four Seagate ST43401ND Differential SCSI drives.

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