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Hungarian Museum of Photography
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history of the Hungarian Museum of Photography

The Museum, established in 1991 is the only national collection in Hungary, which deals exclusively with materials dealing with photography, their collection, preservation and exhibition. It collects photographs, negatives and equipments for producing them and their documentation produced by all Hungarian colleagues from the beginning to the present time. For the past ten years only the Photo Museum preserves the works of those photographers who have been the defining spirits of Hungarian photography, such as the pictures of André Kertész, Brassai, Robert Capa, Martin Munkácsi, Moholy-Nagy László. Machines, photographic devices, laboratory equipments display the multitudes of photographic techniques. Many documents, critiques, catalogues and publications connected with present and past Hungarian artists of photography are to be found in the collection. As a photo archive it supplies photographs of great variety and genre to the press, book publishers and media. Its library data collection and photographs are open to researchers. On ten occasions annually it exhibits Hungarian photo history, the prominent artists of the world, trends, and does so on another ten exhibitions in a number of countries of the world. It functions as a publisher as well. It initiated a book series titled "A magyar fotográfia történetéből" (From the history of Hungarian photography) now numbering twenty-two publications, presenting monographs of such artists as Kertész, Munkácsi, Moholy-Nagy, Rudolf Balogh etc. It sponsors twenty scholarships annually for research into the history of photography. The sole supporter of the museum, operating in the historic monument of the Orthodox Synagogue of Kecskemét, rebuilt for the Museum is the Hungarian Photographic Foundation. Its founding director-curator is Károly Kincses.

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