Hungarian Museum of Photography
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Building of the HMP

In 1989 Bács-Kiskun County offers the ruined small-synagogue building in Kecskemét for the use of the Photo Museum. This building of historical significance, which has been erected in the 18th century, once served as the horse-changing station of the Pest-Szeged mail coach route. After the coming of the railroad it was a restaurant called "Steven's Restaurant and Dance Hall" (Ét és Táncterem a Pistához) and it was not till the second half of the twenties that it was converted into an orthodox synagogue remaining a place of worship until 1994. After that it was a store, a warehouse, deteriorating into ruin. With the participation of Bács-Kiskun County's self-government, the National Office for the Protection of Monuments and Historic Buildings, the Ministry of Culture and other supporters we reconstructed the building to serve as a museum. With a capital of 2 million from the Budapest Photographers Co. (Budapesti Fényképész Rt.) and 25 thousand forints from the Association of Hungarian Photographers, the The Hungarian Photographic Foundation was formed in December 1990, and a year thereafter The Hungarian Museum of Photography, supported by the Foundation, opened its doors to the public.

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