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Hungarian Museum of Photography
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Collection of the HMP
picture: Angelo: Fountain in Taormina, 1920

From the beginning it has been collecting all the Hungarian and foreign, old and contemporary photographs and negatives and the instruments they are created with as well as documents related to their creators and to photography in general. The items in this collection represent, individually and together, the past and the present of Hungarian Photography. The basis of its collection, consisting of 750 000 items, are those approximately 72 000 prints, negatives, objects, documents, which has been enhanced by the Association of Hungarian Photographers since 1958. Since its establishing (1991) the museum has been collecting and preserving the works of all those photographers who were key figures in Hungarian photography from the beginning up to the present, along with the pictures of those photographers by Hungarian origin (e.g. André Kertész, Brassai, György Kepes, Martin Munkácsi, László Moholy-Nagy etc.) who gained world-wide reputation. It feels that it is important to preserve some pictures of internationally prominent artists (Sudek, Dritkol, Baldus, Eva Rubinstein, etc.) Prints taken by many thousands of less famous or unknown photographers inform us about cultural history of Hungary, famous persons, and significant natural and architectural values of the last one and a half century. The variety of the photographical techniques is presented by cameras, photographic equipments, laboratory devices. The collection also includes a large number of documents, reviews, publications, catalogues related to Hungarian photography and its contemporary and past creators.

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