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London Canal Museum
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Gatti's Foundation Stone
Who covered up the Missus?

On the wall of the London Canal Museum is a foundation stone taken from another Gatti ice house at Caledonian Road, a short distance away. It was saved for the museum in 2003 when that building was demolished. The stone was laid by Carlo Gatti's wife and daughter. You can read about Gatti on our website if you don't know him. Gatti's daughter Roas was a widow at the time, having been married to a Gatti and the stone reads "Mrs R Gatti". But by Victorian convention she might have been referred to by her late husband's initials. The letters "Mrs" were found to have been covered with thin paper and then painted. We thought this may have been due to an error of protocol but paint analysis shows that the crude alteratin was done after 1950. Who covered up Mrs and why?

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