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Societatea Hame -

History and Tradition The intriguing name of the company, HAMÉ, a.s., makes one wonder about the origin and meaning of the name. There has been much speculation and discussion over the years about the name. Archive sources take us back as far as the beginning of the last century when in 1922 a tradesman from Huštenovice established a canning shop in Babice and started making fruit marmalades, plum jams, fruit juices and alcoholic drinks. In 1933 the production plant was bought by Biochema Company from Brno and the name HAMÉ was introduced. That was the beginning of canning production in Babice. Over the years Biochema became a state owned company, and eventually it was privatised to become HAMÉ a.s. But the search for the name of HAMÉ continues. The Origin of Hamé Brand We know for a fact that the brand Hamé originated shortly after the WWI at the same time as the logo of a red bear in a yellow field. Once the Czechoslovak Republic was established, Biochema gained business contacts abroad and brought its products to new markets like Great Britain and Ireland. In order to present its fruit juices, ketchups and marmalades as first quality products, healthy and vitalising to its customers in Irelands, it started searching for a suitable brand name which would reflect its home-made like qualities. That’s why it was decided to use the word HAMÉ as in the Old Irish it means ´home´. The home-like qualities of the product, full of natural strength were represented by the biggest and strongest European predator, the bear, in order to show to the customers that HAMÉ products with their bear logo are the best on the market. But why a red bear? Possibly because the woods were full of brown bears at that time, and a red bear seems much more cheerful and endearing. The business success of the export of HAMÉ products with the logo of a bear made the manufacturer introduce the trademark also in the Czech Republic where it soon became very popular. It will nearly be hundred years from the time when the red HAMÉ bear started bringing the flavour and aroma of traditional Czech products into our homes. And since red bears are not like people, our red HAMÉ bear is still full of live, even though it is nearly hundred years old. The bear has become an integral part of our homes, regardless the fact if we call it home or … HAMÉ.

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