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50 Years of Artistic Activity

Flying over human beings’ nest, I spent my life story from uncertainties to uncertainties, hearing complaints, promises, changes, war and deep friendships, with the firm conviction, always, that it was worthy to believe first, and just then to doubt. Therefore, this path that I am presenting is nothing more than a dialogue with those who want to hear me, and a contribuition for a larger humanity between cultures and an appeal to tolerance. I continue to be attentive to your voices. Henrique Silva October 2008 “Art, in its motor function of transformation of Man, through its subtle reality, it is anticipated in time to the line of movement of Science and Technique. Art, however, does not seem. When the most, it serves. To live long years a blue sky and to do it grey. Henrique Silva has all the colours, which are his. And in the quickest passage, the privilege of the Art.” Fernando Lanhas, 1993 In Catalogue of the Exhibition “Henrique Silva – Pintura”, Gallery Paços D’Arte, Paços de Ferreira Those who do not know the works of Henrique P Silva, and that saw them for the first time in the inauguration of the exhibition on Saturday, were surprised by for the deliberate choice that the artist possesses to work in “lou ney”, a difficult way, since he quarters very shady pigmentations, which compels the eyes to join themselves. It is a known fact that the normal vision is able to distinguish deviations from shades or contrasts of 5% in the clearer parts, but it is necessary that these shunting lines reach and exceed 25% in the dark parts to be understood. The genre is not, therefore, within the reach of everyone, and Henrique Silva honours himself to exhibit it, each year, in two Parisian galleries, and in a Swiss gallery… Extract from the published text in “La Republique du Centre”, 1968, by the time of the Exhibition in Foyer dês Jeunes, Pithiviers, França

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