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Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
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Painting. The claim of the vividness
Hermann Glöckner: Rechteckform

This collection with barely 600 works becomes initially marked through the foundationorder of the museum to collect namely regional artists and to present. Under this work-group, pictures are from the "Energypleinairs" (seventies/eighties). As protruding and at the same time most earliest work-group gets along paintings of the late-expressionist Carl Lohse. Important pieces from the twenties/thirties come from Gustav Alfred Müller and Willy Kriegel among others. Only with the seventies, density puts into the collection of east German art. Work-groups stand approximately from Curt Querner, Hermann Glöckner, Willy Wolff, Hans Christoph, Herbert Kunze, Theodor Rosenhauer and Otto Niemeyer-Holstein. Generally, the collecting of encroaching moments appears structured, therefore type-encroaching work-collections from as important respectable contemporary artists - nominal examples are Günther Hornig, Clemens Gröszer, Dieter Zimmermann, Stefan Plenkers and Hans Scheuerecker. Most recent acquisitions stand in reference by the encroaching topic of the landscape, so from Norbert Schwontowski, Eberhard Havekost and Emo Verkerk, among others.

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