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Graphic. A wide spectrum
Andreas Küchler: Und morgen kommt Hans Isegrimm, da wirds schlimm

It includes beside approximately 2700 pressure-charts including folder-works, barely 1000 unikate leaves includimg drawings, collages, assemblages and others, and as special-collection artist-books (approximately 150), and as particular phenomenon of the art from the GDR painted Faltrollos (approximately 40) from the eighties . Important pieces of Eugen Hofmann, Otto Griebel and the vicinity of the proletarian-revolutionary art come from the years before 1945. Work-collections from Curt Querner and Wilhelm Rudolph - as pioneers of east German art - gets along "The 100 selected graphics" (1977-1990). It gives with other works a good overview over two decades development of art in the GDR with all stylistic spread. From the exhibition "The Art of the Collage in the GDR " (1990) was acquired an extensive Konvolut at leaves. The artist-book-collection rescues also unikated leaves like "blood-book" from Micha Brendel, works of Olaf Wegewitz and Matthias Jackisch or the legendary "Telephone-art-book" of Veit Hofmann, Otto Sander-Tischbein and Dieter Zimmermann.

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