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Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
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Olaf Nicolai: Souvenir Heimat. Schneekugeln

With well 120 exponates in the area plastic, object and installation participates this the smallest collection of the museum. It lodges painter-plastics, approximately from Eberhard Göschel, Günther Hornig and Karl-Heinz Adler, to important sharing just as works of Hermann Glöckner. A particular piece in this connection is the head of Carl Lohse, as protruding late-expressionist work. Names important for the GDR-art like Waldemar Grzimek, Fritz Cremer, Theo Balden, Wieland Förster, Will Lammert and Gerhard Lichtenfeld primarily participates represented with small-plastic works. Important objects as well as installations from the eighties/nineties come from Wolfgang Petrovsky, Jürgen Schieferdecker, Rainer Görss, Susanne Weirich and Olaf Nicolai. Beside plastics of artist from the country Brandenburg like from Werner Stötzer, Jürgen von Woyski and Solveig Bolduan, gets along newer figurative works of Sabine Grzimek, Frank Seidel, Peter Makolies or Rolf Biebl.

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