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Photography. The view forward
Gundula Schulze-Eldowy: Tamerlan

Two years after foundation of the museum, they decided 1979 the collection-areas to widened with the photography. Since they could not be based on big Konvolute from donations or extensive estates, the custodian acquired from the first personelly exhibitions (Christian Borchert, Alexander Rodtschenko, Günter Rössler, Joachim Jansong, Manfred Paul). The construction of the continuance took place consequently above all through the confrontation with the immediate work of contemporary photographers of the GDR, whose works presents in proximity in exhibitions and was acquired. In addition, photographies, that had originated in the time before 1945 and between 1950 and the end of the sixties, however also reached into the museum isolated. Since this show - and collection-activity in the eighties mainly on the in each case current tendencies in the GDR-photography concentrated, a continuance grew directly, that today quantitatively like also qualitatively to the most extensive collections of the author-photography in the new federal states. The collection photography participates remained limited up to 1990 on the east German regions, opens also the tendencies of West Germany and other countries since 1991 however. It possesses 260 authors presently more than 3000 works from. On average, it participates approximately 10 exhibits per author, with which repeatedly also bigger work-complexes like among others with Ulrich Lindner, Evelyn Richter, Thomas Florschuetz, Tina Bara, Kurt Buchwald, Jens Rötzsch, Sybille Bergemann, Ulrich Wüst, Gundula Schulze as well as Thomas Kläber is represented.

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