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Poster. National and international
Erhard Grüttner: Faust

Since 1979 the museum collect posters and introduce these in special exhibitions continuously. The peculiarity of this collection consists protruding designer of Germany and international artist. The employment aims developments, style-directions as well as authenticity at collections, the mixed drift, in the poster-art since middle of the 60er years of the 20. Century reflects. Until 1990 concentrated itself collecting on chosen collections recognized designer of the GDR. In order to be able to bring time-limited tendencies under artistic aspects more extensive to the expression, the national restriction however already turned 1980 in it collection - and show-activity lifted and widened in accordance with the possibilities on selected works of international poster-art. Since 1990, these efforts go reinforced into this direction. The collection of posters participates the quantitatively biggest collection from all in the museum as well as in East Germany at all.

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