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Guided tours for children

Aimed at our youngest visitors our special material is most suitable for children. Our game "The Little Bear and His Friends" sends children on the mission to look for moscot "Little Bear" that is hidden in every room of the exhibition. We offer the following guided tours for children: * guided tour about local history - age: 6 up to 12 years * Zilles's children: children in the time of the Industrialisation in Berlin - age: 4 up to 8 years * children in the time of the second world war and the postwar period - age: 6 up to 13 years During the guided tour "children in the time of the second world war and the postwar period " the children get to know in a playful way our CARE packet. With the help of the guide they consider the original content of the CARE packets at the time. Info: At the time of Berlin Airlift (1948/49) the inhabitants were dependent on the delivery of CARE packets with eatables, clothes and so on. Please note: For guided tours for children a reservation is required. Telephone: +49 (0) 30 / 887 20 100 E-Mail:

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