Burg Altena, Germany
Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
     F R I E N D S   A N D   S U P P O R T E R S     
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Art participates beautiful. Power however much work.

Friends of the Brandenburg art-collections Cottbus e.V. The club of the friends at the 22. January 1994 established. 1. Chairperson: Mr Prof. Heinz Nagler. 2. Chairperson: Mrs Dr. Perdita von Kraft. Adress: Spremberger Straße 1, D-03046 Cottbus. Telefon: 0049 (0)355 22042 / 794051. Telefax: 0049 (0)355 22043. Contribution: Individuals: 60 DM. Families: 100 DM. Persons in still be training, students, seniors, unemployed persons: 15 DM. Promoting member: 1000 DM.

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