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Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
     E X C U R S I O N S   I N   T H E   L O C A L   A R E A     
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Sights, museums and other
Logo of Cottbus city

Visitors the city Cottbus expect many sights in and around Cottbus. On following homepages are more elaborate informations to find: Airport Neuhausen: +++ Boblitz in the Spree-Forest: +++ Welcomes in Cottbus: +++ Cottbus.Lausitz: +++ State-theaters Cottbus: +++ Airport museum, Fürst-Pückler-Museum (castle Branitz), museum der nature und environment, Nieder-lausitzer pharmacy-museum, homestead-museum, city-museum Cottbus, technical monument Spree-defense-mill, Wendisches museum, Spree-forest-museum Lübbenau-Lehde: +++ Potsdam: +++ Welcomes in Brandenburg: +++ Movie-museum Potsdam: +++ Kleist-Museum: +++ Potsdam museums:

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