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Creative-workshop for handicapped people
In work

Since many years the educational service presents offers for handicapped people. And this, although the museum was not built to facilitate access for handicapped people. The meetings enjoy big popularity. One in the week a group of handicapped people visit the "creative-workshop for handicapped people". Thirst time (summer 2001) the members of the "Club of handicapped people e.V." met at the Thirst SummerArtWorkshop. Under leadership of the educational service and the club-leader Kathrin Machnow, the participants now get the possibility outside the museum to test their skills in the contact with artistic technologies most extensive independently. The "supported communication" of enormous meaning participates. Comment: The person with a hindrance (writer) is supported by a second person (holder) at the hand or at the forearm. Through the physical and psychic support, the writer participates in the situation to tap letters on a keyboard or a letter-blackboard and to put his thoughts into words consequently. A new, widened and improves form of the communication becomes possible for many people with handicapped people. Contact: Anke Palme and Irmgard Richter

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