Kovács Margit Kerámiagyujtemény Ferenczy Múzeum
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Ceramics of deep humanity
The Big Family

The large-size terracotta relief titled The Big Family was made in 1962. The subject-matter of the work is one of the artist's favourites. Though she did not have a husband or children, family or mother-and-child relationship was an ever-recurring motif in her oeuvre. The composition of the relief is circular: the eight children are sitting around a round table, and even the benches have a curved line. The parents are giving the children food and drink. Their face emanates love and tenderness. The scene arouses the image of a warm and safe nest. In the middle of the table there is a tureen with the KM initials of Margit Kovács - a playful and characteristic detail of almost each of her works.

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