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Kovács Margit Kerámiagyujtemény Ferenczy Múzeum
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The History of the Kovács Margit Collection
The Gate of the Kovács Margit Museum

The Kovács Margit Collection was opened in 1973. The building which houses the works is a commercial house from the 18th century, built in Baroque style. Originally it was the salt-house for Szentendre, then it served as a stage-coach station and, for some time, it was a parsonage. Later the building got into the private possession of a merchant family, and it was a living house even in the 1960s. In 1973 the building was reconstructed, and the exhibition was arranged by an art historian - with the assistance of Margit Kovács herself. Since then this collection has become one of the most visited museums of Hungary. After the artist's death in 1977, the building of the museum was enlarged with a new three-level wing. The new permanent exhibition completed with the works bequethed was opened in 1979.

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