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African Art
tyi-wara-mask of the Banamen

African Art very often is enrolled in a network of social, religious and economic structures. The tyi-wara-mask of the Banamen (a male and a female one) has religious origins, but is normally just used to enforce the young people to "work like animals" on the fields. The ?berseemuseum possesses collections of Kameroon, formerly owned by German colonial officers (like von Kamptz and Hirtler), collections from Namibia and a collection from Togo, once belonging to a missionary of the "North-German Mission", residing in Bremen. Extensive purchases of collections from East-Africa derive out of the time of the German fascism, a time, as the ?berseemuseum asserted the right of a german colonial museum and also of changing the name. Apart from these, there are two more smaller Kongo-collections out of the 19th century, which are part of the "Guinea-Bissau-Collection" of the German ethnologist Bernatzik, as well as a Mali collection, presented in the seventieth of the last century.

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