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History of The Great Lakes Historical Society and Museum
Logo for the Historical Society designed by the late Mick Constable.

On 10 November 1975 a meeting was held to form an historical society following celebrations of Forster (1970) and Tuncurry (1975). On 1 March 1976 the historical society was named The Wallamba & District Historical Society. The historical society received the National Bank building to start a museum to house their growing collection of artefacts and historical data. One of the founding members of the society, the late Mick Constable, was instrumental in setting up the museum and he designed a logo for the society and started the first newsletter. At a special meeting on 29 November 1997 the members present voted to change the name to The Great Lakes Historical Co-operative Society Ltd. Aims and Objectives: * to encourage the study of history of the Great Lakes District * to promote the safe keeping of authentic records relating to the Great Lakes District. * to publish journals, books and publications * to acquire and preserve artefacts and other such objects and materials having a bearing on the Great Lakes History * to establish and maintain a museum, library and picture gallery. Member Activities: * local and family history research * documentation and indexing of photographs * indexing of local historical data files * producing monthly newsletter * establishing new displays * participating in local festivals * monthly meetings * social outings Membership: If you would like to become a member of the historical society and become involved in the many activities of the society as well as the day-to-day running of the museum please fill in our membership form (just click on the OTHERS section) and send to The Secretary, PO Box 23 Tuncurry, NSW. 2428.

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