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Pioneer Cottage (1940s)
View of the interior central area of the cottage

In June 1989 the Historical Society received a donation of the Cheers family cottage which was built by Joe Cheers in 1948 in Peel Street Tuncurry. The cottage is now refurbished to depict a home of the Federation era. The interior is divided into a main double bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, a front parlour and a dining room. All these rooms are connected to a large, open central room. The central room houses a display of photographs of many of the pioneer families of the area including the first white man and woman to settle in Forster (George and Mary Godwin) and the first white child to be born in Forster (Harriet Cape Godwin). Among the many interesting artefacts on display in the Dining Room is an Illuminated Address which was presented to Mr and Mrs John Breckenridge in March 1909 from the residents of Failford and the Wallamba District. There is also a mantel clock which was a wedding present for Ernest and Mabel Wright in 1909. In the Nursery there is a set of baby scales used in the Nabiac Hospital in 1925. There is a wooden child's rocking chair, hand-made by one of the society's member's grantfather in the 1880s. Also in the Nursery is a wooden child's rocking horse,C1920. In the Kitchen there is a wooden ice chest, a hanging meat safe and several calico flour bags. Also on display are a variety of kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery and cooking implements.

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