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Photographic Collection
Cameras and photographic equipment belonging to Archie Blanch

In the 1980s the Historical Society received a donation of photographs and photographic equipment from the family of the late Archie Blanch, a former society member. Archie had been a local photographer and had purchased his first camera, a box camera in 1910 for 7/6 (75c). He quickly learned to develop his own films and travelled throughout the Great Lakes district recording our history. He was usually present at most gatherings such as parties, birthdays, weddings, shows and sports with a half-plate camera strapped to his 1920s Douglas motor cycle. There are over 3000 black and white photographs in Archie's collection, as well as film and glass plate negatives. The photographs have been carefully indexed and stored. The glass plate negatives (over one hundred) have recently been scanned and the poslitive image written onto a CD. Copies of the CD were made and are stored in different locations for safe keeping.

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