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Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

Although your museum is listed at, together with your address, we have noticed that you have not yet taken advantage of the other, free global museum information system features.

Following the activating of your institution and the input of material (comprehensive description and pictures of the museum) then the theme-linked book description will automatically disappear from your site.

Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that as an active member you can make use of 10MB of webspace under your museum's name: You can load thousands of pages into the system, including illustrations of your finest artefacts and exhibitions. Events, special exhibitions, news and press articles can be quickly and easily entered using easy-to-use forms. Nobody needs special training to work with Naturally, your museum controls this information and can decide how your 'visiting card in the internet' should look. Potential visitors to your museum from all around the world can thus find all the museum information they need to visit one town or region within a particular period of time. There are many advantages for your museum (listed below).

The whole offer is free of charge, and will remain so in future,- which in this time of limited budgets is something every organisation can and should make use of..... To access the site, please send us the following information on your official headed letter paper:

Museums-ID: 11761, first name, surname and your correct email-address to MUSEUMS OF THE WORLD, Am Busch 4, 59439 Holzwickede, Germany.
You can naturally speed up your registration by faxing the details to international +49 2301-9123444

By email we will then send you the necessary access information for information input and editing together with confirmation that absolutely no charge is due for our services.
We look forward to hearing from you soon,

SAVING MANKIND'S HERITAGE. The international information system from museums and historical sites for their visitors and friends all around the world

P.S. If by any chance you don't know, why take a look? It only takes a minute and could bring advantages that you never thought possible,- free of charge.

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