Galerie In Vorm
Hasselt, Belgium

ARTIST Mr. Denis Schneider
Born 1946, Metz , France

Denis Schneider

Denis Schneider studied at the School of Beaux-Arts in Paris and started exhibiting in 1967 on the Parisian’s art market.
In 1970, he took the decision to leave Paris to free himself from any restraint and dedicate himself to his art. Since then, he has been creating his works of art in seclusion. From 1980 onwards he has been living in the Ardèche. There, among other things, he designed colorschemes for buildings in relation to their surroundings. Denis Schneider regularly exhibites again in France and abroad since 1998. The intervening years he also made several journeys to Africa, India and Canada. In 2002 and 2003, Schneider exhibited his large scale paintings at the Gérard Philipe Theatre of St Denis. From there, he was commissioned to illustrate the theatre’s various publications and stage designs.

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