Galerie In Vorm
Hasselt, Belgium
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Yong-Chang Chung SSAL-(Hiroshima) 2004 rice and oil on wood plaster figure andmodelplane 250 x 250 cm
Yong-Chang Chung

  Yong-Chang Chung

Lives and works in Duesseldorf, Germany
1986-91 Academy of Arts Duesseldorf, Masterstudent of Prof. A.R. Penck, Germany
1984-86 Gesamthochschule (School of Free Arts), Kassel,Germany

Paintings by MichaelMarkwick,overview exhibition
Michael Markwick

  Michael Markwick

A Michael Markwick painting is a collision: things have slammed together and now they are ready to fly apart. War, television, childhood, nature, art, and human bodies, all offer up their particular forms of anxiety, nostalgia, and abjection in his work. An image of a tree fractures the surface of a painting like a rock through a window. A hallucinogenic cloud envelops the looming figure of a suicide bomber—or is it an angel, or an insect? Tree forms hold body parts—a strange fruit, a grotesque burl. These paintings are constructed out of layered oppositions: anxious, urgent pressures of the bitter and the sweet, the desolate and the comfortable, the dirty and the pure, the cosmic and the ordinary.

Peter Royen Ruhendes gelbes Feld 2008
Peter Royen

  Peter Royen

Lives and works in Düsseldorf,Germany
Horizontal and vertical lines are interrupted by squares and rectangles that sometimes fall off balance, but still stays balanced. He creates his works on canvas with pigment, oil, wax and resin. They are often monochromatic, white or black, but he also uses white and black as opposed. Occasionally he adds yellow as icon. His work is in many private collections and museums both at home and abroad present.

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