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Hasselt, Belgium
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In Vorm consultancy-galerie-project

Since 1998 In Vorm consultancy-project-gallery organizes exhibitions of works of art by (inter) nationally oriented artists.

Mission and values
Since peoples memory the question has been postulated: For which are we /am I on earth?
Belief and other convictions give religious answers, the sciences search yet always for hard facts to analyze the purpose of life and therewith the goal of our existence.
Artists make this journey intuitively in word, image, dance, music.
According to time, the place and the circumstances, societies arise with their own cultural identity.
From this perspective In Vorm is involved in an active and contemporary participation in the field of the visual arts.

From this perspective In Vorm puts itself into an active and contemporary participation of the visual arts. Our purpose is to encourage understanding, inspiration and pleasure of a inter-national public.
That commercial aspects play a role in this matter, like the investing in art, is interesting for future generations.
It is of essential importance for In Vorm to have contacts and to show works of art from the different views and traditions within the visual arts. It offers the possibility to unite universal expressions of art in their cultural differences and to stimulate the dialogue about the present values.

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