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  31 Okt. 09
Thinking about time - Josephine Sloet painting, work on paper, photography and sculpture
Galerie In Vorm, Hasselt, Belgium
Thinking about time 25-10-2009 // 24-01-2010
Openingstijden heures douverture opening hours: vrijdag t/m zondag de vendredi dimanche Friday up to Sunday inclusive: 12.00 18.00 uur- heures- hours + op afspraak by appointment sur rendez-vo
  28 Mrz 08
New Exhibition at Altair gallery
GALERA ALTAIR, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Altair gallery inaugurate on saturday 5th of April a new exhibition about Joan Hernadez Pijuan, a famouos catalan painter and engraver.
  13 Jan. 05
New Acquisitions
Timeless Relics, Houston, United States
We have acquired a large private family collection of African art. Since this new acquisition, our collection has over 1200 items ranging from antique artifacts to contemporary items. Take a look for yourself!

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