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Hasselt, Belgium
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Galerie In Vorm
31 Okt. 09  Thinking about time - Josephine Sloet painting, work on paper, photography and sculpture

Thinking about time 25-10-2009 // 24-01-2010
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Josephine Sloet (1945, Amsterdam) is inspired by the process of endless change that leaves nothing untouched. Her drawings and paintings, as well as her photographs and objects reflect her sense of wonder about this mystery. With each new insight her work instinctively moves on to a new point of view, as a stream flows from one point to the next. One of her statements:
Life is an eternal passing moment
Which in its essence remains the same
And as heaven and earth are one
So stone and twig
Leaf and bird
Fish and man
Are the same
All is one

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