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Terms and conditions for participating in the gallery-platform in

The annual fee for appearance in the gallery search engine is comparatively low when compared with the comprehensive range. However, we do monitor the quality of the participating galleries. Since the art trade is based on trust between all participants, the Terms of participation for the international gallery search engine in are presented here for the benefit of all those involved:

They serve the purpose of professional monitoring in the form of minimum standards which must be observed by a gallery participating in

  • Although not necessary, it is of advantage if the gallery is in a recognised professional association or presents at large international art fairs.
  • The gallery owner must be a full time worker and must be able to show at least three years of business (new galleries may participate after a minimum of six months and will be evaluated separately)
  • At least three different exhibitions must be carried out annually and be advertised with invitations.
  • The presence of suitable premises for the presentation of art/exhibitions and events must be provable.
  • The gallery is open for at least 20 hours weekly at the usual opening hours. The gallery premises are open to all visitors free of charge.
  • The task of the gallery owner is the long term and continued promotion and cooperation with artists and the support of living artists through public relations work.
  • Rules for labelling the items for sale:
    • Clearly marked (artist, title, year of completion, techniques used, size, print run if appropriate, print number);
    • Precise description for identification purposes;
    • Declaration of any restoration work which may have been carried out;
    • The use of unified professional terminology for the description of works of art.
  • The gallery owner undertakes to uphold honourable behaviour in accordance with the profession in dealings with
    • A) his or her colleagues
      • Sale at a lower price must be agreed beforehand;
      • On reaching deadlines: works of art must be returned following the first request;
      • The agreed price must be paid without delay;
    • B) his purchasing sources
      • Careful research of origin (if required intensive research);
      • Examination of authenticity
    • C) his client he fulfils the duties of a merchant
      • Fixing the period of reservation and information if work is being offered to third party
      • Proof of identification of artist and provision of documentation to this effect
    • D) the artists that he or she represents
      • The interests of both parties must be respected;
      • Works in hand must be treated with care;
      • The agreed price must be paid according to the contract;
  • The conditions with all parties to contracts are to be in written form.
  • No content of doubtful legality may be published.
  • The gallery owner also undertakes not to knowingly trade in any works that may be stolen, or that are of dubious origin.
  • The precondition of participation in is the acceptance of the Terms of Business of GmbH.

Gallery owners who do not satisfy the criteria listed above are excluded from participation, in particular:

  • Purely online galleries, without exhibition premises or real exhibitions advertised through invitation.
  • Part-time gallery owners whose main profession is in another field.
  • Galleries which primarily represent hobby artists (non professionals).
  • Galleries directly managed by an artist, only showing his own work.

In doubtful and individual cases the final decision will be made by with regard to participation. also reserves the right to exclude, without warning or explanation, participating galleries which have not acted in accordance with the conditions above.

If you accept this Agreement press "ACCEPT". Otherwise press "DO NOT ACCEPT".

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