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language: English
Title A Japanese newspaper writes about the Samarkand Peace Museum  
Date 12. Juli 2008  
oraganization International Museum of Peace and Solidarity  
Author Mr. Founder Anatoly Ionesov  
Museum The Samarkand Peace Museum Project, Uzbekistan, Samarkand  
Long version 202 Words  

 Long version


One of Japan’s largest newspapers Chugoku Shimbun published an article about the Samarkand-based International Museum of Peace and Solidarity, featuring the activities of this unique institution in the CIS countries and Baltic states.

The article was published on the feature page “Peace Focus” and was prepared by the staff writer Miho Kuwajima from the Hiroshima Peace Media Center (HPMC). This Center was established in January 2008 as a new wing of the Chugoku Shimbun and it strives to be a global leader in its advocacy of the abolition of nuclear weapons and the advancement of peace in the world. The HPMC also provides support to Peace Seeds, a peace newspaper produced by youth in Japan.

The article on the Samarkand Peace Museum was recently translated from Japanese into English and published online.

The Chugoku Shimbun was founded in 1892 and its headquarters is located in the downtown of Hiroshima City. Now this newspaper has a daily circulation of 720,000.

Japanese version:

English version:

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