Burg Altena, Germany

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language: English
Subtitle By Phd. Mircea Rusnac  
Date 19. Februar 2009  
oraganization Muzeul Romanatiului Caracal  
Author Mr. archaeologist Sabin Popovici  
Museum Muzeul Romanatiului Caracal, Romania, Caracal  
Short version 252 Words  

 Short version

By Phd. Mircea Rusnac
The following lines, we welcome the opportunity to refer me to a monument dedicated to fallen heroes in wars that bloody the earth Romanian. As a case in this respect, we can mention a very interesting case of Resita.
In the Roman Catholic Cemetery no. 3 of settlement is a common grave in a number of seven German soldiers (officers, warrant officer and soldiers), most of which were flying. For this reason, the tomb is great instead of a huge cross propeller plane. Initially, there were buried captain Kurt Müller aviation major and lieutenant Wulfgar von Körber, plane crash in 1915, during World War I, in surroundings Reşiţa at Cozia summit. The undersigned have three old photos, illustrating the grave and the burial ceremony of these two officers, when the main street came Reşiţa thousands of people.
Later, the tomb was much increased during the Second World War there was bury five German soldiers: Otto Erich Richtsteiger, Kurt Friedrich Ernst Krause, Waldemar Teichmann, Werner Karl Harten and Lugitsch. Always ethnic German inhabitants of Resita have groomed this collective grave, to which many came to their own crying relatives or friends killed in the war. It is worth noting that during communism and the tomb remained untouched. Today he is declared national monument and can be a testimony of the closeness that all people, regardless of origin or country, I feel at times of testing that you can hit.

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