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Reiner John: Marketa, 1995

Marketa is a work in two parts consisting of two float-glass panes arranged one behind the other. The viewer first notices the front pane with a portrayal of light-foliaged trees. These trees are incorporated in the picture of the pane at the back, but because of its sand-blasted reverse it is not transparent. Around the trees - in the transparent part of the pane - the rear picture shines through in a pale blue contrast. It shows a nude couple, a man and a woman, intertwined with one another. Their bright, partly irradiated body-contours penetrate into the background and become blurred. The viewer becomes the witness of an intimate scene, but because of the tree-landscape he is put in a detached position which does not interfere with the couple's private sphere. Both portrayals, couple and landscape, are correlated as the landscape is the place of their encounter and their love. The visitor can expect an exciting and wide-ranging variety which will interest both the technically-minded as well as the art lover. (Screen printing on float-glass). Made by: Franz Mayer`sche Hofkunstanstalt, Munich; On loan from: Reiner John / Franz Mayer`sche Hofkunstanstalt, Munich

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