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Genearl Collections

What the LA&M Collects - The Leather Archives and Museum collects and preserves the following types of material. + Books + Magazines + Newsletters + Photographs + Letters + + Video Tapes + Organization Minutes and Files + + Club Business Logos and Materials +Catalogs + Posters + Fliers + + Brochures + Tickets + Programs + Club Colors + Patches + + Banners + Buttons + Original Artwork + Sketches + Sculpture + + Dungeon/Playroom Photos, Plans & Designs + + Equipment Designs, Photos, & Sketches + + Titleholder Sashes, Medals and Trophies + + Oral Histories + T-shirts + + And other memorabilia + All the various items listed above, and collected by the LA&M, are assembled into various specific collections. Archival Papers and Records Art and Prints Books Club Colors, Pins and Ephemera Leathers and Boots Manuscripts Oral Histories Periodicals Photography Posters and Banners Shirts and Fibers Special Collections Titleholders and Sashes Toys and Devices Uniforms and Clothing Vertical Files Video and Film Personal Archives - Frequently the LA&M will receive the personal effects of one of us who has passed as well as the personal effects of those of us who find all the memorabilia we've collected over the years during a move. These items frequently include material representative of the persons experiences. A Volunteer Coordinator position is open for this collection. Reference Collection - The reference collection is housed in the Teri Rose Memorial Library. An online catalog of this library is currently under development.

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