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By Phd. Mircea Rusnac

THE MONUMENT WITH A PROPELLER By Phd. Mircea Rusnac In the following lines I have the pleasure to refer to a monument built in the memory of the heroes that died in the wars which filled the Romanian earth with blood. For an exact approach of this subject I can tell you about a very interesting case in Resita. In the romano-catholic cemetery number 3 from the city there is a common grave of seven german soldiers (officers, sub-officers and simple soldiers) of which most where pilots. For this reason the cross of the grave was replaced with a huge propeller from one of the plains. Initially there where buried only the aviation captain Kurt Müller and the major lieutenant Wulfgar von Körber which crashed in 1915, during the first world war in the outskirts of Resita, at Cozia’s peak. The undersigned holds three old photos, showing the monument as well as the inhumation ceremony of this two officers at which the main road from Resita was blocked by the thousands of people that came to see. Later, the grave was widened, so that in the second world war another five german soldiers could be buried there: Erich Otto Richtsteiger, Kurt Friedrich Ernst Krause, Waldemar Teichmann, Werner Harten and Karl Lugitsch. The inhabitants with a german background of Resita have always took care of this grave, at which many came to cry for there loved ones that died in the war. It is praiseworthy that even in the communist period the monument remained untouched. Today it represent a national patrimony and as well it can represent a significant testimony for the union of all people in the crisis moments that take a bite of them.

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