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Our semi-annual publication: "Der Erzgraeber"
Actual Number: Jg 30/1+2 - Clara-Mine

Twice a year the 'Erzgraeber' is published. Our semi-annual contains descriptions of newly detected minerals from the Clara mine as well as informations about former mines and mining in the middle Black Forest and similar items.
In 2016 there was the 30th anniversary of our society. Therefor we had a single double-edition of the "Erzgraeber" with informations about Sachtleben and the mine.

Content of the number:
GRIEBLER, Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter: Preface - S.1
GRIEBLER, Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter: Die wirtschaftliche Nutzung von Schwerspat aus der Grube Clara aus historischer Sicht - S.2-10
MAUERLECHNER, Robert: Neuere bergmännische Entwicklungen in der Grube Clara - S. 11-25
LUCKENENDER, Christoph: Die Aufbereitungsanlage in Wolfach - S.26-38
GRIEBLER, Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dieter: Die Verwendung von Schwerspat als Füllstoff und Rohstoff in der Industrie - S.39-54
RUSTEMEYER, Paul und WENDEL, Wolfgang (Photos): Barytstufen aus der Grube Clara im MiMa - S.55-60

If you like to inform yourself about former published articles, then please take a look under the following link: www.clara-mineralien.de/verein/publicity/erzgraeb/index.php

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