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Tuncurry Lock-up
The lock-up in the grounds of the museum

The first police station in Tuncurry was situated on the corner of Manning and Wallis Streets. In February 1952 it was moved to a house on the corner of Manning and South Streets. In December 1956 it was again moved to the corner of South and Peel Streets. Following the opening of the bridge in July 1959 the Tuncurry Police Station was closed in September 1959 and the policeman, Constable 1st Class J.D.Syme was transferred to Forster. A single portable lock-up cell had been attached to the police station at Tuncurry and was used from 1949 to 1959 to hold offenders overnight who were awaiting judgement. The lock-up was donated to the Historical Society by the Sinclair family in 1990. After it was transported to the museum it was painted and the interior was fitted out with a single bed, wash basin and chair.

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