Aurora Reykjavik

Grandagarður 2  ​
IS - 101 Reykjavík
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The Aurora Reykjavik is an interactive museum in Iceland that gives visitors the opportunity to experience and understand the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The museum was established with the aim of imparting knowledge about the scientific and cultural aspects of the Northern Lights to its visitors. The story of Aurora Reykjavik began when a group of friends, who had a passion for the Northern Lights, decided to share this passion with the world. They opened the museum in 2012 and it quickly became a popular tourist attraction in Reykjavik. The museum offers a range of interactive exhibits, including a large projection of the Northern Lights that allows visitors to experience the lights in all their glory, as well as a number of information displays that explain the science behind the lights. In addition, the museum also offers workshops and lectures on various aspects of the Northern Lights. The Aurora Reykjavik is a unique museum that provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the Northern Lights and gives them the opportunity to experience this fascinating natural phenomenon up close.