the global museum project

Welcome to is a global museum project designed to showcase cultural institutions large and small and introduce them to a worldwide audience. Participation will be free of charge. Museums from all over the world will soon be able to take part in the project, address that global audience and invite it to come and visit. Each museum will have its own log-in, and staff members will be able to upload information independently.

There will even be an option to access the museums’ audio guides via As a visitor to the site, you will be able to experience a vivid, digital area of any participating museum, regardless of whether you are inside the building or somewhere else entirely. Of course, the true cultural experience will have to wait until you can arrange a real-life visit.

In the near future, this site will be publishing a contemporary museum magazine featuring articles from every continent. So please visit again soon. If you are interested in the media data for an article in our new magazine “museum – the global museum project”, please contact us HERE.

We look forward to your next visit! Team