Festungsmuseum Heldsberg

Obere Heldsbergstrasse 5
CH - 9430 St. Margrethen
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Panorama of: Festungsmuseum Heldsberg (c) by Festungsmuseum Heldsberg. All rights reserved.

The artillery factory Heldsberg is a museum of a very special kind. From World War II until 1991 it was part of the border fortification in the Rhine valley. Due to its location, it controlled the southern end of Lake Constance with its four 7.5 cm fortress guns in the north and the Rhine valley to Montlingen in the south. With a tunnel length of more than 1000m, the Heldsberg was one of the largest border fortresses in Switzerland. In the fortress restaurant "Heldsbergstube" you will be spoiled with drinks and food. The museum is enriched by changing special exhibitions.

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