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Saalhof 1
DE - 60311 Frankfurt
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The HISTORICAL MUSEUM FRANKFURT is the oldest museum of the city. It collects, preserves, researches, conveys and exhibits Frankfurt's cultural heritage. As a city museum, it is a place of knowledge and critical information, reflection and discussion about the history, present and future of Frankfurt; as a history museum, it combines the city's themes with the general history of society.
The museum welcomes everyone. With its Young Museum, it offers special programmes for families and schools. The museum incorporates the experience and knowledge of the people of Frankfurt and their guests. It works in a participatory and inclusive way. It invites all city residents to contribute to the museum, influencing its development as a cultural center. Multi-perspectivity and diversity play a central role here. The diversity of urban society is reflected in the collection, exhibition and communication. Based on current debates, historical objects are scientifically researched and linked with subjective stories and positions. Artistic, urban research and everyday perspectives are included. Further goals are the expansion and stabilisation of the digital strategy and networking within the city and region.

The museum preserves the cultural heritage of urban society for future generations. It has extensive collections of outstanding artefacts relating to the history of art and everyday life. The objects are carefully protected and conserved by the museum team. The digital documentation and publication of the collections and research into provenance are important concerns.
Our museum team cultivates a collegial and respectful working relationship. Together with our colleagues from the Young Museum and the Porcelain Museum, we form a team with diverse expertise that complements each other and enables different perspectives. We are an open and learning institution. The museum team is active in international museum networks. We are curious, work in an interdisciplinary way and face the challenges of a constantly changing urban society.

Museum communication:

Karin Berrío
+49 69 212-37776