Medieval Mile Museum Kilkenny

2 St Mary’s Lane High Street
IE - R95K276 Kilkenny
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The Medieval Mile Museum is located in the historic city of Kilkenny in Ireland and is a must-visit for all lovers of medieval history. It is housed in the renovated St. Mary's Church, which was built in the 13th century and was used for worship until the 20th century. The museum extends over a medieval mile from Saint Canice's Church to the River Nore. The museum tells the stories of influential people in Kilkenny from the 13th to the 21st century. It houses a collection of household items, agricultural tools, religious artifacts, and a gallery of ancestors of the city's most influential families. It is also home to the exhibition known as Kilkenny's Stone Carved Treasures, consisting of impressive medieval tombstones and monuments. The building itself is a significant historical artifact, with impressive architecture, statues, a well-preserved 16th century choir stall, and a formidable tower offering spectacular views of the city. The church underwent extensive restoration before it became the Medieval Mile Museum in 2017. Kilkenny was a crucial political and religious centre in Ireland during the Middle Ages. It was the headquarters of the Earl of Ormond and also had a significant presence of monastic and nun orders. This long and rich history provides the Medieval Mile Museum with numerous stories and artifacts to share. In summary, the Medieval Mile Museum is a fascinating place to learn more about Ireland's medieval history. Visitors can admire a variety of artifacts, including jewelry, weapons, and household items, as well as gain valuable insights into life in the Middle Ages.