Museo Glauco Lombardi - Napoleonic Museum

Strada G. Garibaldi, 15
IT - 43121 Parma
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Panorama of: Museo Glauco Lombardi - Napoleonic Museum (c) by Museo Glauco Lombardi - Napoleonic Museum. All rights reserved.

When Napoleon Bonaparte was finally defeated, his second wife Marie Louise of Austria (1791-1847) was created Duchess of Parma, where she remained as a beloved sovereign for over thirty years. Many of her personal objects passed from her descendants to prof. Glauco Lombardi, who decided to open his collection to the public in 1961. The Museum, located in the very centre of Parma, displays hundreds of very interesting items dating back to the Napoleonic era (paintings, prints, memorabilia such as the Emperor's sword) to later years, including rich dresses and jewels, pianos and an impressive corbeille de mariage, letters and diaries, court portraits and landscapes, embroidery works and many other evidences of the Duchess' activities. The collection also offers a glimpse of the Duchy of Parma in the years preceding and following Marie Louise's era, gaining a complete picture of those times. Visitors greatly appreciate such an intimate approach to historical characters, as if allowed into their inner feelings and lives. Accessible to visitors with mobility impairments.