Museo Nazionale "G.A. Sanna"

via Roma, 64
IT - 07100 Sassari
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Panorama of: Museo Nazionale "G.A. Sanna" (c) by Museo Nazionale "G.A. Sanna". All rights reserved.

The Museum "G.A. Sanna" has been a complex organism since its foundation.

The archaeological section represents the most compact part: it contains pieces coming from excavation as well as original collections of the University and District of Sassari. The collection enables to follow the sequences of life of a man on the Island since the Paleolithic age through alla the Prehistory and Protostory stages.

Various historical periods are represented by the collections of the Phoenician-Punic, Roman and Middle Ages.

The ethnographic collection contains jewellery and traditional outfits of Sardinia.